Kerry Stephens
Experience Designer. Color Enthusiast. Adventurer.

About Kerry

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The world is a big, unpredictable place. I do my best to make sense of its small corners. After living, working, and studying in multiple cities, I’m seeking out the next adventure.

I create experiences for humans. To do so requires consideration of both individual  and collective experiences. If you miss a detail of either, you miss out (talk about FOMO central!). Each of us has details about us that are unique and attention to these is the only way to make the most of our opportunities.

I have designed entire web-applications, consulted on several different startup brands, helped launch multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and designed a voice interface for an Alexa Skill. In the service design realm I’ve worked on projects to improve patient experience in hospitals, internal process operations in a marketing department, and a number of complex problems.

If you are looking for unique solutions to complex problems, drop me a line!

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Language Influences behavior
— Des Traynor