Kerry Stephens
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Real Time Service Recovery

How can a hospital improve its CX?

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In 2016  the Digital & Innovation Strategy team along with the Patient Experience team at Northwell Health launched a Service Recovery Pilot in 8 care units across  5 hospitals. The purpose of the pilot was to test the operational component of how individual sites perform real time recovery of service. The goal was to launch the pilot without adding any additional staff, and to respond to service opportunities within 15 mintues of being reported.  Each pilot ran for an initial 6 months time, and progress was tracked throughout. Enough evidence was gathered across different types of care units to provide proof of concept for further investment. The pilot was run on the follow types of care units: Emergency Departments, Obstetrics, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics and Pediatric Oncology.

What I did

  • Collaborated with Patient Experience team on  research plan and customer feedback surveys

  • Lead on services design aspects and digital management of feedback tool 

  • Data analysis on pilot results and reported to various stakeholders

  • Attended site briefings and kick off meetings

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